PURE Water Protection

There is nothing as essential for life as water. It touches every part of human life from drinking and cooking to bathing and cleaning. You rely on water for your home and health in countless ways, which is why you just can’t afford not to have the cleanest water possible.

Whether your water comes from a private well or municipal supply, contaminants can make their way into your water. Ground water can pick up large quantities of sulfur, iron, and potentially harmful viral or bacterial contaminants before it enters your well. Municipal supplies, on the other hand, are treated before they reach your home, but often there is an excess of chlorine or a percentage of contaminants that the government deems “allowable” for public use. And even if both sources test fine, sometimes aging home plumbing systems can deliver contaminants into the water as it passes through the pipes to your tap.


Lancaster Water Treatment

As a partner of Lancaster Water Treatment, we stay current on the water conditions affecting Lancaster County and the surrounding Central Pennsylvania areas. For over 60 years, Lancaster Water Treatment has served as a resource center and a manufacturer of water conditioning equipment best suited for residential and commercial needs.

Nolt Companies holds AquaTechnician certification through Lancaster Water Treatment. This advanced training gives Nolt’s the ability to purchase, install and maintain the water conditioning equipment for your specific need. With a knowledge of local water conditions and the leading technology available on the market, Nolt’s is prepared to offer you an effective solution at an affordable cost.

Water Conditioning Maintenance Program

Your overall plumbing system and water conditioning equipment are costly investments and should be protected by regular checkups and maintenance. Nolt Companies offers various packages designed to meet the individual needs of your home. Our service agreements will ensure that your systems are cleaned and inspected regularly so that the life of your equipment is extended and energy costs are kept to a minimum.